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The Epoxy Guru


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BoatCraft NSW

BoteCote to play it safe

Epoxy resins are the most versatile of structural adhesives because they can be cured with many different hardeners and additives to provide a wide variety of properties Hardeners (Curing agents) affect cohesive strength, hardness and durability of an epoxy. Many of the older formulation epoxies use TriethyleneTetramine (TETA), DETA or similar hardeners as a key ingredient in the hardener. While this achieves many desirable properties, this type of formulation is based on old technology. It  readily evaporates and so is difficult to avoid breathing in the vapour and thus delivering a substantial dose of the vapours into your system when working with these products.

In contrast, Bote-Cote epoxy products use modern technology based on modern low toxicity amines that have significantly decreased evaporation rate and are less inclined to vaporise. This is because the molecules are much larger in size. They evaporate a great deal less and thus you breathe a lot less of the vapour when working in a well ventilated work environment. Also being based on larger molecules they are not readily absorbed through the dermis. This also minimises the chance of affecting the user by penetration through the skin. Bote-Cote epoxy products will ensure you have the best quality when working on your projects without sacrificing your well being.

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