Bob’s inboard powered 21ft 1950s style Runabout.

The plans being used are the Glen-L "Riviera" stretched about 9 inches to 21' foot of hull overall. Most likely the engine used will be a fuel injected petrol engine.

Finally, I have a complete first layer of planking finished, so apart from the two bung holes, it is now a watertight entity (milestone!).  As you can see from the photos, there is a lot to do, and I have commenced dry fitting the second layer to the STBD side of the bottom.  Eventually, there will be four layers, the first three laid diagonally at right angles to the last, and the final laid traditionally lengthways, in bright finished and polished Jarrah.

Comment made in early February, 2017

Recently I glued and stapled the second layer to the whole of the STBD bottom.  Most of the rest of the year will be taken up with fitting subsequent layers, with fairing (planing and sanding for smooth curves) in between each layer taking two or three times as long as fitting the planking.

The following is a pictorial record of Bob's build to date. If you are interested in a particular graphic or technique shown, contact the team at DRIVE Marine.

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