Chris' sailfish "Janus" and MacGregor Sailing Canoe


Two boats, an Australian Sailfish racing dinghy and a MacGregor sailing canoe, both entrants in the 2017 Hal Harpur Award conducted by the Wooden Boat Association, both owned by Chris.


The Sailfish, 'Janus', was the owner's first boat. Built in 1970, it was three times Australian Open Champion boat in consecutive years 1975 to 1977.

It underwent a restoration in 2016. Was subsequently badly damaged in a motor vehicle accident in 2018. Has since been structurally repaired and redecked.

Hull sealed with Bote Cote epoxy. Deck finished with Aquacote Topcoat Clear, and bottom/sides finished with Aquacote Epoxy Undercoat and Aquacote Topcoat Red.

See for more information on the class.


The MacGregor two-masted sailing canoe was built by the owner and launched in October 2017. It is clinker-built, has a length of 4.8 m and beam of 0.8 m. The hull is planked with Gaboon marine ply and weighs 33 kg. Spars are Oregon.

It was designed by Iain Oughtred, an Australian who now lives in Scotland.

It is constructed and sealed with Bote Cote, and finished with Aquacote Topcoats.