The Blobster

The proud blobster owner purchased all products from the Pacific Maple Plywood to the Aquacote Topcoat from us. This boat will out live its owner as all surfaces have been sealed with 3 coats of Bote Cote Marine Epoxy Resin. Miles selected the blobster design specifically for use on his home waterway - Lake Macquarie. The Lake has many beaches and shallows which was practical and able to run up on a beach. This Build project was described in two issues of Australian Amateur Boat Builder.

1_Building the frames.JPG

Building Frame ready to go

3_Sides joined to frames aligning center

The Blobster – Coming together

4_Out of garage for turning.JPG
5_Upside down waiting for bottom panels.

Frames and Side hull panels finished & removed from building frame

6_Bottom on.JPG

Hull panels completed.

4_Out of garage for turning.JPG

Hull finished ready for painting with Aquacote