Customer Projects

Here we list projects completed or being completed by our customers using    Bote-Cote Epoxy, luci-clear or any other of our products. We always enjoy expanding this page so if you would like to have your work displayed here, please contact us from the home page with pictures of your project.

17~Finished door Frame- Whole door.JPG

A customer who loves the Bote Cote Epoxy Resin System sent me a series of photo’s of the Restoration of his timber door frame (finished result above) which has suffered from rot damage behind the weatherboard cover strip as shown in Photo’s 2, 3 & 4.  This is not surprising and to be expected if the paint scheme is old and breaking down in the photo’s.  It is in surprisingly good condition for its age. 

Here a customer has been playing around with our clear system and has built a gorgeous teardrop caravan, you can see more of what his done form the button bellow


In the construction of his boards he uses Purbond to laminate his timber. He then uses Bote-Cote Epoxy and Aquacote to waterproof and clear finish his boards.

A new build from plans only of a 19ft trailerable sailing dory, of timber and ply construction, fibreglass and epoxy sheathed


The S.L Mobi is a Selway Fisher design, with the boat, boiler and engine all made in Bills shed in Tuncurry.


Built in 1970 for owner by Mr Ray Collin of Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW

Sailed in seven consecutive National Titles from 1971/72.

Three times Australian Champion


Dirk has built four two seater speedboats, and is using them to provide guided, intimate tours of Sydney Harbour. The boats have been built entirely with Bote-Cote Marine products.

I couldn’t have been more proud of myself that day, the achievement of building it myself. The finish using Bote-Cote products turned out first class and it wasn’t till I moved the boat out of the garage and into the sun for the first time before I could really appreciate how good she turned out.


The Thomsen Motorsport FVT05 is a racing car developed for the Formula Vee competition in Australia. It was constructed over the course of ten months following a six month design period with the intention of racing in 2016.

In 2011 I got to thinking about a houseboat, but it took another couple of years before I felt the idea was mature enough to build. The PuddleHut 17 evolved from a lot of dreaming and sketching, plus a few models.


Geoff designed his own Sailing Skiff as a challenge.  Made a scaled model and when satisfied it would work built the real thing in his lounge room amongst the furniture and the Grand Piano.  The Bay window was removed to move the boat to the Garage so the new bride could move in.

Finished Pink Marine Canoe.JPG

Over the years, DRIVE Marine has been involved in many projects involving "Mango Madness", Johns Careel 18. Following are various photo galleries of various repairs, restorations and replacements done to the Careel.


Bob is building an inboard powered 21ft 1950s style runabout (going with a bright finish). He is using Epox-E-Glue for all joints and laminating the strips after swapping from using Techniglue. Reasons why Bob has rolled over to Epox-E-Glue is provided in his testimonial: Read Bob's Epox E Glue Testimonial

This canoe was hand built by Marcel, and has been nominated for the 2016 Hal Harpur award. The canoe was made in love and memory of Marcel's wife, who suffered breast cancer, and is the second vessel he has built for Bosom Buddies, a breast cancer non-profit that offers support to sufferers.


Hi Dave

This big girl is my own design, 2 years in the making and 5 years off my life in worry. But she performs exactly to how I designed her with no need for any modifications or performance enhancing accessories.

She is 7.5 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, and weighs 2.6 tonne on the trailer. We have just got back from the Whitsundays and the only issue was the batteries. I had to put a deep cycle battery in for the house battery and include a separate charging wire from the out board engine.

I want to thank you for all the great advice that you and Scott gave me in the past year. Thanks for replying

Regards Terry

Below is a series of photos showing a Glen-L Gentry 17 design, a traditional speed boat from frames to current build status. John started building in mid 2015. The hull is finished in New Guinea Rosewood. The planks are 6mm thick by 75mm wide and each is hand fitted over 2 layers of 3 mm Mourikis Gaboon ply. All plywood and planks are glued insitu with Epox-E-Glue and coated with Bote-Cote to seal and waterproof the timber. The bottom is three layers forming 14 millimeters thick and the sides are 12 millimeters thick by bonding three layers of 4mm ply. It uses the cold moulding method, forming an extremely strong and rigid hull. The deck and all other timber will be clear finished Mahogany and Silver Ash.

Adrians Starlight Dory Under sail Hawkes