Firebug Construction

The 'Firebug' is a 2.4 metre (8 foot) sailboat designed by New Zealander John Spencer. Construction is from timber and plywood. It is a popular choice for amateur boat builders. DRIVE Marine Services is a recommended supplier of materials and has a cutting list which enables us to cut the plywood into shipable sizes or to pick up with your car. For plans contact

Fire Bug underway

2009 044.JPG
2009 059.JPG

The completed Fire Bug about to head out for a sail.

2009 053.JPG
2009 005.JPG

Interior of the Fire Bug all finished.

Email received from the happy builder.

G'day Dave,
Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service & advice.  My little boat turned out well & has been given more than a few admiring comments. I used a floss roller as you recomended & got a good finish, with more patience & sanding I may have got a professional looking job but I was eager to get on the water. Once again thankyou. I have & would recommend your company to anyone contemplating a similar project.
Satisfied customer
Firebug builder & sailor