Glen L Gentry 17 Motor Launch

Below is a series of photos showing a Glen-L Gentry 17 design, a traditional speed boat from frames to current build status. John started building in mid 2015. The hull is finished in New Guinea Rosewood. The planks are 6mm thick by 75mm wide and each is hand fitted over 2 layers of 3 mm Mourikis Gaboon ply. All plywood and planks are glued insitu with Epox-E-Glue and coated with Bote-Cote to seal and waterproof the timber. The bottom is three layers forming 14 millimeters thick and the sides are 12 millimeters thick by bonding three layers of 4mm ply. It uses the cold moulding method, forming an extremely strong and rigid hull. The deck and all other timber will be clear finished Mahogany and Silver Ash.

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