Historic Skiff Refurbishment

We have a customer using Purbond Polyurethane Single Pack Waterproof Glue to build boats. To be precise he is building Historical 10 Foot Skiffs and is presently building his fifth 10 Foot Skiff using Purbond.

The body of the skiff


Alf is using a basic skeletal frame and then placing a vertical layer of planking cover the frame using 3mm Gaboon plywood cut into strips depending on the amount of tortuing recquired. Then he lays up fore/aft strips using the purbond and stapling the outer layer to the diagonal layer.


Article from historical skiff association of Alf’s 4th 10 Foot Skiff (Red Spinnaker) overtaking the opposition to leeward. Check the bow wave from both boats. Peter assured me his design enables the hull to sit higher and push through the water easier off the wind.

Skiff No4 ready for deck.jpg

The master boat builder showing Ian from BoatCraft Pacific how it is done. Alf selected Purbond to build his boats as he became hypersensitive to epoxy resins during his lengthy career of boat building.


Alf is 81 years young and the latest 10 Foot Skiff is his 75th boat building project. His last 10 Foot Skiff has been the Australian Champion for the last three years (2010-2012). It will be interesting to see what Peter’s next boat building project will be.

Historical Skiff Assoc Mag.jpg
Peters Putt Putt.jpg

‘Our Joy’ Built for my Uncle V. Wrightson. Waratah in 1927 by Tom Humphries at Swansea. Still moored at the same place at Dora Creek It was confiscated by Government in W.W.II and taken to Bolton Point Park in full sun. Saved by a temporary shed. (3 years) Original motor was 4 hp Kaley Then 5 hp Invincible 6 hp Clae Currently 10 hp Nanni Diesel