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Foster Community Firebug build

A customer was approached to undertake a Community Boat build program for youth at risk in the first/Tuncurry area. The customer was a retired teacher and self-taught wooden boat builder. The program was a success and they managed to build three Firebugs.

Back in 2007 a customer of ours was approached to undertake a Community Boat Build program for youth at risk in the Forster/ Tuncurry area. Brian is a retired teacher and self taught wooden boat builder. His major achievment was to build a magnificent steam launch. See her in action further down the page

The following are Brians comments on the Forster community Firebug build:

"We have 3 Firebugs (Figure 1 & 2) - the first one was built with International Epiglass glue and the wood provided by International for construction on their stand at the Sydney Boat Show in 2007. The other two have been built completely with Bote-Cote, as was a stitch and tape dinghy I built with a men's group (Figures 3, 4, & 5).
I have built a 7m steamboat and a 5.5m 30's style speedboat with the opposition's glue- didn't know you were around, but have loved working with the 2:1 Bote-Cote, and the filler is wonderful after being surrounded by a cloud of fine white powder in the past. The 1:1 mix has been a breeze with my aboriginal girl's group, who quickly got the hang of mixing it and felt fairly proud of their efforts."
Figure 2 shows "A Bote-Cote Firebug under construction. The skiff in the background has a butt seam done in Bote-Cote and tape."

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