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Silky Oak Dinning Table

This Dinning Table was made by the hospitality teacher at St Ives High school. We go into details as to what products she used and why she used it.

This is a raw edge silky oak dining table. It was made by the Hospitality teacher at St Ives High school. It is her outdoor dining table at home which is subject to moisture and direct sunlight. Epox-E-Glue was used on all joints to ensure exposure to elements would provide high strength, waterproof joints. Due to the table being situated in a semi outdoor area the timber was sealed with Bote Cote Epoxy resin with non-yellowing hardener. The Bote Cote is also great at densifying soft timbers when TPRDA is added to the first coat. As Epoxies have no UV resistance, all surfaces are then coated with clear Aquacote which provides excellent UV and scratch resistance. We call this clear system and further info is available at the clear system page.

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