The Thomsen Motorsport FVT05 is a racing car developed for the Formula Vee competition in Australia. It was constructed over the course of ten months following a six month design period with the intention of racing in 2016. While its debut has been delayed until 2017 due to a work opportunity in the UK, this will provide the chance to build up the social media exposure for Thomsen Motorsport and its partners in preparation for the 2017 racing season.

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Simon featured an article in CAMS magazine September 2017 and this is what it read:

The design of the FVT05 began back in 2014. It was
originally something I worked on in my spare time, but
early on it was a way for me to improve my design skills
in Solidworks, a 3D CAD package that was provided for
the project by Intercad.
I also had ideas about what could be done within the
Formula Vee regulations, which were tested using the
As time went by, I went through a number of design
iterations and started to take the idea of building a car
more seriously… the fifth iteration was the culmination of
this work and the one that I would ultimately build.


The construction of the car took place over 18 months.
At the commencement of the build I had no experience
with many of the processes I’d need to build the car, so
much of the time early on was used by learning how to
weld, lathe and fibreglass.
The car however progressed very quickly… using the
Solidworks tool, I was able to thoroughly plan for every
stage of the build before stepping foot in the workshop.


The car debuted at a club round this year. It was
immediately fighting at the front, running as high as
second place.
Finishing fourth overall, minor issues were identified,
which could then be fixed before the NSW State Motor
Racing Championship round.
The car began the year in the state championship as a
midfield runner and thanks to more improvements has
achieved a top five result.