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Wet n Dry Sand paper

Silicon Carbide grain on a heavy-duty waterproof backing paper.  This type of abrasive is excellent at producing extremely fine finishes.  Sanding wet using water (possibly with a small amount of detergent added) keeps the sandpaper clear (prevents clogging) and as a result, stops the clogged bits from damaging the surface being sanded.  Wide range of grits so that a surface can be sanded with successively finer abrasives until it can be polished.

• Also suitable for fibre glass projects whether polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy-based.
• Paint, varnish and filler
• High-quality, highly flexible, waterproof abrasive paper with silicone carbide grain
• Especially suited to the automotive car repair sector

Sheet size is: 230mm x 280mm

Silicon Carbide is an extremely hard artificially made compound of silicon and carbon.  It shatters into extremely sharp grains which are used for cutting and grinding.  The hardness ensures long life and the ability to erode most common materials

Arizona Sand Paper

An aluminium oxide grain sandpaper.

• Very high stock removal and excellent finish.
• Long service life.
• Dust-free sanding thanks to new 21-hole dust extraction technology.
• High flexibility of abrasive, also in coarser grits, ideal for manual use.
• Especially developed for automotive applications.
• Very good performance on hard fillers, primers and composite materials, thanks to special grain type.

Polyester film backing advantages:

• Extremely high load-ability of sanding material, even at the edges.
• Long service life.
• Highly aggressive.
• A large amount of material was removed.
• Very homogeneous sanding.
• Excellent finish.

Aluminium oxide occurs naturally as corundum.  It is extremely hard and has many industrial uses as a much less expensive substitute for industrial diamond. (Rubies and Sapphires are gem forms of corundum with specific impurities giving them their colour and properties.)

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