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Boatcaft Plans and Kits

Boatcraft offers a range of kits and plans, ranging from small boats, to cruisers, to catamarans.

Please contact us directly when wishing to order plans or kits


The distinctive design of the Queensland Moreton Bay cruisers and the Halvorsen cruisers from NSW has been incorporated into this motor launch commissioned from our Sydney based naval architect David Payne. With many appropriate semi-protected waterways around Australia, this is an ideal boat for the leisurely weekend and holiday cruising.

Bliss-craft Oceaneer MK II

  • The result has been a boat featuring a high bow to ride over the waves rather than punch through them, a fine deep Vee entry to soften the ride, and a good straight run aft for optimum planning performance. The high bow with its good reserve buoyancy also prevents nosedives in the following sea. The Oceaneer has a fully self-draining cockpit floor, supported by buoyancy foam as an important additional safety feature, making the boat unsinkable.

Boatcraft Cats

It has all the features of much larger boats, cleverly designed into a compact economical craft.. The boat is also available as a comfortable live-aboard power cat. It will have particular appeal to both private owners, and to hire fleet operators seeking a small economical easily handled boat. The vessel, from multi-hull designer Ashley Holliday, is based on the highly efficient Thruster hull form. These narrow, low resistance hulls are very easily driven, and with their long waterline, they provide exceptional stability and performance.

Ian Oughtred Plans and Kits

The wooden boat revival has been a long time coming, but now it has arrived, there is one name that stands out above all others: Iain Oughtred. A former dinghy racer turned boatbuilder and designer, Iain developed a cult following both for the beauty of his designs and the quality of the drawings. Challenging the view that building boats were the province of the wealthy, he created exceptionally appealing yet inexpensive wooden boats ideal for amateur construction, often basing the designs on traditional local craft. Still going strong, his designs now number more than 100 and are built around the world by amateurs and professionals alike.

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