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Boatcraft Kayak

Boat Kits

The Boatcraft kayak is a single chine hull made of 3mm or 4mm plywood with a 200gsm fabric sheathing on the exterior. It is 650mm wide which makes it very stable. A skeg is fitted for control but a rudder can be fitted if desired. It can be built to weigh under 20kgs. The kayak can be customised to suit individual requirements, for example, hatches can be incorporated to carry equipment for long distance touring.

6.1 Plywood Double Kayaks

Plywood Double Kayaks

The Boatcraft Kayak plans consist of a construction and arrangement plan, and a plan with full-size templates for mould stations and stem/stern profile for the 5.5m kayak hull.

The laser cut kayak kit consists of 4 sheets of plywood with each component accurately cut (except for small tabs to hold the piece in place). To build it, the pieces are broken out, the tabs removed with a small blaok plane and sand paper, then the components are wired together and epoxy glue is applied. (Stitch and glue method).

The laser cut kits come from our Queensland facility and take about 2 weeks to be produced. The kits include everything you will need to complete an basic boat. The laser cut kayak kit includes a detailed instruction manual.

Iluka Sea Kayak

Iluka Sea Kayak

Sea Kayaks

Sea Kayaks
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