Boatcraft NSW Plans

Brett_Holding _Muck-A-Bout.jpg

The Muck-A-Bout plans have been developed for a novice boat builder to learn the tips and tricks of using Morden technology products. Panels are cut out with a hand saw, holes drilled and then stitched together to form a canoe. To turn it into  a boat that floats use Bote Cote epoxy resin is thickened with gluing and filleting powder.  

Adrians Starlight Dory Rigged Hawkesbury

Building the Starlight trailer sailor is like building a big stitch n Glue Canoe. It was designed by an experienced sailor who lives in Elliston in south Australia. David Designed the Starlight as a coast Cruising boat to take his sons on weekend camps coast hopping along Eyre peninsula. It proved itself to be a great sharpie type