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Clear System

The Ultimate Exterior clear Finish

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Clear System is a two-step process to ensure timber work can handle outdoor environments. This system provides long term protection with the correct preparation. It may require recoating after two or three years to ensure long term protection.  This is achieved using BOTE-COTE Marine Epoxy System with non-yellowing hardener; as a waterproof coating and the AQUACOTE polyurethane which has excellent UV Resistance to achieve a clear finish that will last a several years in full sun with minimal loss of gloss.

Bote-Cote sealing coat

BOTE- COTE Marine Epoxy System is the Australian developed and manufactured epoxy.  The Epoxy preserves timber's natural beauty and warmth.  The BOTE- COTE with the non-yellowing hardener is used to enhance clear exterior finishes and seals the timber making it waterproof and stabilising the timber with a minimum of three coats applied.  BOTE- COTE is an easy to use 2:1 mixing ratio, which is a low toxic formulation free of amine blush under all climatic conditions.  A major safety feature is that it is solvent free and therefore is non-flammable.  Epoxies have no UV resistance and must be over coated or it will start to deteriorate within 3 to 6 months.


Before BoteCote sealing coat


After BoteCote sealing coat

AQUACOTE Clear Topcoat

The topcoat is a water based two pack polyurethane called Aquacote.  Aquacote is very tough and scratch resistant with very high UV resistance.  At least three (3) coats of Aquacote are required for longevity of the finish and the more coats applied the higher the gloss achieved. It takes approximately four days to fully cure and is so tough it can be buffed.  It is an advanced technology product which has proven itself under test conditions at Townsville with the report that it has achieved 5+ years with minimal loss of gloss in full sun. These results are based on correct application of the Bote-Cote and Aquacote.

The items below are a laminated tiller & Teak seat from the yacht SYLVARA.  Both are sealed with Bote-Cote Non-Yellowing Epoxy Resin then sanded to 240 grit sand paper, and coated with 3 coats of Clear AQUACOTE.  These will now provide several years of service in full sun without the worry of failure or recoating, unless the surface is damaged or there was inadequate thickness of Bote Cote in the sealing coat and moisture finds its way into the wood.

Clear Systems

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