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Natural Cop-R-Bote following cleaning.
Natural Cop-R-Bote at 4 years old.

Cop-R-Bote is a permanent antifouling coating developed by BoatCraft Pacific and proven in use all around Australia.  It contains a suspension of concentrated copper particles in a modified Bote-Cote epoxy system.  It effectively coats the hull in a tough sheath of pure copper metal, known for centuries as one of the most effective antifouling treatments.  Cop-R-Bote is non-ablative and therefore non-polluting, and is economical as it avoids the regular re-coating required for all conventional antifouling.

Cop-R-Bote is suitable for application by spray, roller or brush, and can be used for all boat hulls other than aluminium/alloy and steel. Periodic maintenance is required depending on the water temperature and where you boat is moored.  For boats used regularly and travelling at speed, there will be negligible maintenance required, a scrub every few months in winter by simply wiping down the hull with a standard household scourer to remove bacterial slime.  For boats kept on a mooring in summer in Sydney for example, it would need wiping down every few weeks.  The finer the grade of grit used when sanding to burnish the hull after application assists with preventing slime build up, 400 grit is ideal.  A scrub with 400 wet N dry every year will bring fresh copper to the surface.

COP-R-Bote Application by Roller before burnishing.
McGregor26 Fresh COP-R-Bote

Cop-R-Bote also helps prevent osmosis in fibreglass boats, and has been proven to increase boat speed because of its permanently slick smooth surface.  Unlike all conventional antifouling, Cop-R-Bote has EPA acceptance for washing down and scrubbing without requiring the washings being removed for trade waste treatment. In fact periodic maintenance mentioned above can be done on the mooring.

Cop-R-Bote is ideal for use on multihulls, Trailer Sailers and shallow keel Monohulls as they are easy to scrub and keep slime at bay. Also with Trailer Sailers it will eliminate the problem of antifoul ending up on you and your crew when loading, unloading and cleaning your boat. Cop-R-Bote does not degrade when left of the water, Unlike traditional antifouls which require permanent immersion. This makes Cop-R-Bote the ideal choice for trailer Sailers and other boats which spend the majority of their time on a trailer.

Below is a typical example of Cop-R-Bote on "Voyager", a high speed multihull which is used regularly.  It has been in the water for 2 year's since Cop-R-Bote was applied, with NO MAINTENANCE WHAT SO EVER.  It was kept in one of the Hope Island Marina's (near Sanctuary Cove, QLD) and went cruising most weekends in the Broadwater.
The Graphic below shows the hull where it has been blasted and the fouling after two years. The owner can expect up to ten years service from this application due to the low maintenance involved.

Fouling on Voyager after 2 years
Fouling easily with high pressure cleaner.
Clean hull with no Cop-R-Bote degradation after 2 years.
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