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David Payne Designs

David Payne is a well-known Australian boat designer who has a myriad of traditional or contemporary boat designs and stock plans. Designs are for a range of boats including plywood, clinker or lapstrake, and strip plank boats. David's stock plans include dinghy plans, rowing skiff plans, kayak plans, sailing yacht plans, trailer sailor plans, motor craft plans model boat plans, and historic vessel plans.

David is a practical designer who built many of his designs or oversaw many of his customer's builds. As a result, he became hypersensitive to old technology epoxy due to accumulative exposure. David can stay around Bote Cote Epoxies without a reaction.

Or Click the Video for more information about Epoxy Sensitivity

David Payne's plans have been built all around the country, and many have been constructed overseas. The builders undertaking these exciting projects range from amateurs doing their first boat to people with associated building experience such as carpenters, cabinet makers, housebuilders, and professional boat builders. Boat-building schools have used David's designs as class projects for students learning to build their own boats.

The plans for the flat bottom and round bilge dinghies are priced from $60.00, rowing skiffs from $110.00, plywood, strip plank, and sea kayaks from $85.00. Strip plank and racing yachts from $330.00,


A good example of David's Designs is this planing woody dinghy built by Geoff. He has done an amazing job of interpreting David's Drawings and enhancing the design by increasing the top sides by 150mm and making his own windscreen by laminating plywood. This has turned a standard woody into a very capable and seaworthy 3.36m plywood Launch.


strip plank trailer - sailors, plywood outboard powered skiffs, punts and launches, inboard diesel engine launches and motor cruisers in clinker and strip plank construction from $150.00, petrol powered putt-putt launches, model yachts from the 1930's from $50.00, a ski boat, historical yachts and skiffs, and concepts for Australian Aboriginal watercraft.

Drive Marine Services sell David's plans and have several customers who are building or have built boats to his design using the Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy System.


Dinghies - Tenders

Sailing Dinghies

Recreational Rowing skiffs


Motor Launches

Power Craft

Trailer Day Sailors


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