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Dulux has purchased 400ltrs of FERONITE to prime rusty areas on an Oil Rig

It Converts, Inhibits & Seals rust in one application.

What is Feronite Rusty Metal Primer?
Feronite rusty metal primer is based on the successful Feronite tannin pre-treatment for rusty surfaces. It is a non-toxic non-flammable water-based chemical comprising highly protective resins, tannin extracts and anti-corrosive additives.  When applied to rust, the tannin components react with the oxides of iron present to produce a stable black compound (chelated iron tannate) and this becomes incorporated in the resin layer as the coating dries. The result is a strongly bonded protective surface coating which includes the elements of the original rust converted to an inert passivated form with strong anti-corrosive characteristics.

Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is a new coating that chemically eliminates surface rust and primes the steel surface in one application. It does away with tedious and costly surface preparation such as blasting or grinding, followed by the application of solvent-based anti-corrosive priming paints.  Feronite Rusty Metal Primer replaces all this and can be applied to damp surfaces so weather conditions are not a limitation.

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Interesting facts about FERONITE:

  • FERONITE is a water-based chemical based on tannin from the bark on the mimosa tree

  • FERONITE is brown in colour with an aromatic smell.

  • Suitable for hot surfaces to 250C

  • Coverage is 10 / 15 metres / litre per coat

  • FERONITE can be applied in any atmospheric conditions on wet or dry surfaces


FERONITE is a non-toxic, non-flammable liquid which when combined with rust produces a stable black compound (iron tannate) and chemical reaction of chelation form a strong matrix adhering to the metal underneath. This coating can be covered with conventional paints and used in any environment.

FERONITE Rusty Metal Primer by itself is a semi-permanent coating but offers these alternatives:

  • FERONITE is a holding surface that can go without painting for up to 12 months.

  • FERONITE is a continual maintenance system where the painting is prohibitive or not required.

  • FERONITE is ideal for maintenance of profiles on metal stock lines.

  • FERONITE as a permanent coating where traditional painting systems are applied over FERONITE treated metal.

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