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Fixtech adhesive sealants are being used around the world in various forms, climates and conditions, including:

  • FS200 for Acrylic, Perspex, Polycarbonate and other polymer-based window systems and glass adhesion and sealing applications requiring flexibility whilst maintaining a watertight seal

  • Fix msp190 for Suitable for marine exposure with high strength adhesion

  • Suitable for joints in building curtain walls


High Strength Adhesive Sealant


Fix190 FWT is a high-quality single component joint adhesive sealant based on MS-Polymer®. It is chemically neutral and fully elastic. For use in low movement joints and for structural bonding and direct glazing in marine, transport, aerospace and construction industries, where a strong flexible bond is required. Suitable for below waterline applications. Fix190 FWT is approved by: Det Norske Veritas (DNV) – Structural bonding and direct glazing Germanischer Lloyd (GL) - Structural bonding and direct glazing Standards Assurance Innovations – AS/NZ4020 for potable water.


  • Available in White and Black.

  • Free of isocyanates and solvents.

  • Suitable for above and below the waterline.

  • Potable water certified.

  • Paintable and resistant to mould. (Compatibility tests recommended)

  • UV stable producing non-yellowing whites and colourfast blacks.

  • Primerless bonding to most common substrates.

  • 3.6MPa - Equivalent to holding 36Kg per cm ²

  • Available in 290ml cartridges and 600ml sausages(sausages have longer working time).

  • Not Suitable for bedding and plastic windows



Structural bonding and direct glazing with high-end strength and flexibility. Structural bonding in areas subject to vibration. Suitable for all marine applications including glazing, bonding and sealing of floors, walls and components. Elastic bonding of components made from carbon fibre, fibre glass, aluminium, steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, glass, PVC and ABS plastics, polystyrene and timber (primer may be required) We do not recommend the Fix190FWT for use in sealing exterior exposed oily wood such as teak, instead we recommend Fix1DC for this application.


Window bedding sealant


Fix200 FS200 is a high quality structural, neutral cure, elastic low modulus silicone sealant. Fix200 is unaffected by normal weather conditions such as sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, rain, snow, and temperature extremes, retaining its properties after years of exposure. Fix200 is compatible with laminated glass, insulating glass units and enable primer-less adhesion to acrylic, polycarbonate and many other plastic substrates.


  • Available in Black - 310mL cartridge

  • Specifically designed for the installation of Acrylic, Perspex, Polycarbonate Lexan type windows.

  • 30min working time; ideally suited for long joint runs.

  • UV stable with permanent colour.

  • Unaffected by sunlight(ultraviolet), radiation and temperature extremes.

  • Primerless adhesion to most substrates.

  • Permanently elastic with +50% joint movement capability.




Acrylic, Polycarbonate and glass adhesion and sealing applications on a wide range of good stable solid substrates. Fix200 may be used to seal metal, masonry, concrete, painted surfaces, plastics, timber and other common construction materials. The low modulus characteristic allows for excellent recovery from extension and compression cycling. Suitable for marine exposure

The Following products are also available:

  • Fix1DC- For Teak and Synthetic caulking. It is a high-quality single component adhesive sealant with a low viscosity excellent adhesive properties.

  • Fix15- A high quality single component flexible adhesive joint sealant

  • Fix2-A high quality single component joint sealant with high

  • adhesive strength

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