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This is a two pack epoxy based intensly white flow coat intended for interior use in boats. It has the advantages of epoxy in that it adheres tenaciously to the substrate, it is a very good moisture barrier and it provides a surface which does not stain easily and which is easy to clean. It is a thick material, incorporating thixotropic agents (which incease viscosity and non sag behaviour) and is designed to cover rough and uneven surfaces. It is tough and has good flexibility and it provides a smooth finish.

Steel Hull before Feronite RMP.jpg


Steel Hull Flo-Cote over Feronite.JPG


Bote-Cote Epoxy Flowcoat is an economical and user friendly epoxy resin based coating manufactured for both professional and amateur boatbuilders and repairers. It is a brilliant white highly thixotropic two pack paint for use in all internal parts of a boat requiring a totally permanent heavy duty protective coating. Its 1:1 ratio is based on the widely accepted technology developed for our Bote-Cote systems. As an epoxy system, it will adhere tenaciously to the substrate and act as an excellent moisture barrier. Other features are..

· Bote-Cote Epoxy Flowcoat is free of amine blush at all climatic conditions

· minimum irritation ingredients

· may be tinted to pastel shades using epoxy compatible pigments

· application by brush or roller

Galley Stove Hinged cover Before.JPG


Galley Stove Hinged cover After Flo Cote.JPG


In common with all other epoxy coatings, Bote-Cote Epoxy Flowcoat is not recommended for exterior exposure as it will yellow with UV exposure and the surface will deteriorate. For exterior exposure BoatCraft recommend their range of Aquacote water based polyurethane paint systems.

Typical Coverage 6sq metres per litre


Ratio                                                     1 parts resin : 1 part hardener by volume

Pot life                                                  35 - 40 minutes at 23 deg C

Cure time                                              4 - 5 hours, full cure overnight

Minimum temperature                          12 deg C at 50% R. H.

Coverage                                             3-4 sqm per litre

Solvent and Fuel resistant.

Cabin Floorboards after Flo_Cote.JPG
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