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Pour on Gloss

POUR on GLOSS is a two-component plastic resin that can be poured over a rough or level surface to provide a crystal clear finish which sets to a hard, strong, non-brittle, glossy coating.
POUR on GLOSS will provide a remarkable finish equal to 50 coats of traditional varnish in a single application.

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Click here to download our Pour On Gloss Information Sheet

Doing Decoupage is a breeze by gluing photos & other graphics on a surface with a glue stick, spray-on adhesive or water-based glue & left until thoroughly dry. They should be sealed with a thin coat of a clear water-based sealer & left until thoroughly dry, before coating in POUR on GLOSS. Metal items, shells, bugs & other keepsakes can be attached using a small amount of quick set glue. No matter how thick the POUR on GLOSS, it remains crystal clear.

It can be Post Cured to withstand surface temperatures of 80-85C & therefore prevent marks from hot coffee cups, etc. POUR on GLOSS is not recommended for outdoor use. Pour on Gloss can Scratch easily if used for a table or benchtop surface unless it is sealed with AQUACOTE Polyurethane Clear finish which has excellent UV qualities and is extremely tough.
NOTE: It will not have the same high intensity or high gloss if AQUACOTED

POUR on GLOSS is impervious to water and most household liquids and chemicals including Red Wine when fully cured. Spills on POUR on GLOSS can be cleaned up with a soft cloth or sponge, soap, and water.

Pour On Gloss will gel in a few hours, however, it will not be hard enough to handle for perhaps 24 hours and even then only with care. After about 3 days, it will become quite hard and able to withstand normal handling. The colder the climate the longer it will take to Gel & set to full strength. If low air temperatures are present heat the work area to above 15oC until the POUR on GLOSS is fully cured.

POUR on GLOSS is safe and easy to use if used in accordance with the instructions. POUR on GLOSS comes with detailed instruction with tips to help you achieve a professional finish, as it provides tips that will save you mistakes.

If the outcome is not quite what you wanted, then sand the POUR on GLOSS with coarse sandpaper (80 grit) ensuring all gloss is removed. Dust the surface carefully, using a clean, damp rag to remove any residual dust and pour another coat.

Pour on Gloss Product
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