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Dirk's two-man Speedboats

Dirk's two-man speedboats

"Dirk has built four two-seater speedboats, and is using them to provide guided, intimate tours of Sydney Harbour. The boats have been built entirely with Bote-Cote Marine products.
The speedboats are based on a Ken Hankinson design and are 11 foot runabouts. It’s shaped like a bullet and goes like a bullet - that’s why it's called BULLET. They were built from scratch using sheet plywood over a wooden frame.
Each boat is for two people. The boats are based on a design from Glen-L. I got a naval architect to issue me an Australian Builders Plate with level flotation. The vessels are non-survey vessels since they are only operating during daylight on smooth water. I have a Certificate of Operations from RMS, allowing rental to licensed drivers, as well as non-licensed drivers (governed to 10 knots / accompanied by a guide). Visit his website at:"

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