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Fibreglass Repair - Transom Repair

A customer came to us for advice and materials to repair the transom in their newly purchased boat. They realised they had a problem in their first outing when the outboard moved and the transom twisted a lot. They did an internet search and found us. After a telephone discussion they turned up with some photos and went "HELP!".

After we checked the photos and a myriad of questions we agreed the transom would have to be cut out from the outside due to the structure on top of the stern making it impossible to cut the inner fibreglass skin off to remove the ply.

1. It is always easier to finish the job if you can cut the fibreglass out inside as it is normally a rough finish which no one looks at.
2. The transom on the outside was cut 50mm from the edge to help maintain hull shape and to confine the repair to the stern. The stern when finished will be paitned an off white or contrasting colour to save trying to match the original colour or paint the entire boat.

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