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Joansa Construction

Rick Fletcher has built a very professional rowing skiff and he recorded each step pictorially. They can be found on…

Rick built the Dolphin 12 in the photos above and below came to us with his plans and material list and we supplied him with everything except his plywood and timber ( he works as a cabinet maker and the boys did a deal for him). Anthony has carried out a very professional job for his first build. He used Aquacote Undercoat under Aquacote Topcoat and used our Clear System the clear finish.

Customer Comments
"I got the plans for the 12ft plywood boat from Mr Terry Buddell in Queensland. I just got the basic design and then put my timber work on it in red cedar. It took about five months of weekends. I found all your Aquacote products too be great and thanks for your help and information I got. Have been out in the water and goes great. I would love to support Aquacote so use as many as photos you want."

Project Gallery

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