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Mick's Steam Launch

Mick is a fairly handy bloke as you can see in the below photos. He told me he built a boiler and Reciprocating compound Steam Engine and then thought about how to use it. Decision.... a steam launch with the result being a Sellway Fisher Edwardian Steam Launch design built using modern building techniques. All strip planking was undertaken using purbond and Mick found it to be a great product. For planking due to its ease to clean up compared to using epoxy.

Mick had a chat with me at the Narooma Wooden Boat festival in 2013 as he was keen to use AQUACOTE to paint his 30 foot steam launch. He had been discouraged by others but I gave him our AQUACOTE TIPS SHEET and discussed its advantages over other Polyurethane paints available. Mick thanked me for the advice and followed up with a phone call in early 2014 to announce he was going to use AQUACOTE and purchase it through us due to my expertise with the product and willingness to provide product support.

I normally discourage people from spray painting as amateurs are not good at achieving a good finish with AQUACOTE. People tend to use the can and end up with runs or too much over spray. Anyway, Mick sprayed it on and obtained a professional result following the instructions.

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