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Model Bleriot Plane

Recently (July 2014) the centenary of the first air mail delivery in Australia was celebrated. It commemorated a flight from Melbourne to Sydney in a Bleriot plane brought to Australia to show off the wonders of flight. A feature of the flight displays was aerobatics.

The Australian Aviation Museum at Bankstown was involved and commissioned to build a 1:10 scale model as part of its display. My brother-in-law Dave volunteered to build the model from a kit of laser cut and machined timber to amazing detail.

Traditional model building glues supplied with the kit and Dave's collection were not up to speed for holding the timber joints and metal components and there were several failures. Dave contracted us and the solution was Epox-E-Glue. Dave found it easy to mix and use with great results. He was impressed with its thixotropic nature (not inclined to sag). As a result he was able to put small fillets on high stressed joints.

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