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Phil's 'Mutual Attraction'

A bit about Phil:
At 13 Phil wanted to build a boat and at 50 he met Margo who asked "what's stopping you?" So Phil, who is not a boat builder, started with a piece of coachwood he'd kept for 30yrs, a 1962 Pelin plan & an idea to launch on his 65th birthday. He spent the next 900 weekends being 'the fella on the hill building the timber boat'. 10 months after launch we have successfully made the physical & emotional transition from building the boat to using & enjoying her. Voyaging, learning, relaxing & living aboard at every opportunity.

And a bit on Mutual Attraction
Built from scratch. Every piece of timber sourced, carried, cut, laminated, molded, turned, edged, crafted, fastened and painted by Phil alone. Built using Boatcraft supplied plywood, recycled oregon frames, stringers, beams & engine bearers with 5 laminations. As well as a hull with triple diagonal ply bottom, double diagonal sides & cabin skin also using multilayered ply. With both mechanical & Bote-Cote epoxy fixings, epoxy sheathing & 2pot epoxy paints & varnishes which were hand brushed/rolled, modern technology provides the boat a strength and protection belying its simplicity & home build. While the hull is a lengthened version of a Pelin Challenger, from the hull up, armed with a ruler, protractor & electrical conduit, design was achieved by the 1/2" up 1/4" down 1 or 2 degrees more/less method. All frames & stringers remain visible & a dedication to craftsmanship shows in details everywhere on the vessel.

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