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The Plycycle builder works for a timber company that makes plywood and he had bet with one of the machine operators that he could make a bike and ride it from Melbourne to Myrtleford in a day (approximately 300km)!

He used Bote-Cote and Aquacote to finish it with our Clear System to make his bike following discussion with Scott. We were able to understand his requirements and provided follow up product support.

He is also looking to make a lightweight bike. However, rather than being hollow he is planning to make a vore out of Balsa wood and then laminating a few layers of thin hardwood ply with a bamboo ply outer layer for abrasion resistance. By having a Balsa core it will prevent buckling failure modes allowing for thinner wall sections.

The bike that impresses him at the moment is the Axalko "Bat". There are two other Plycycle makers in Melbourne and they are sharing ideas to develop their projects!

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