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Purbond Products

PURBOND is an adhesive supplied by DRIVE Marine Services for bonding timber, semi-porous and non-porous surfaces.  Once you have experienced PURBOND's superior adhesive qualities where a strong, waterproof bond is required you will throw glues like PVA and aqua here away. Purbond works best where there is no gap and there is mechanical clamping.

Purbond Information Sheets

Features of PURBOND are:

  • PURBOND has High adhesive strength

  • PURBOND DOES NOT suffer creep in stressed joints

  • PURBOND is suitable for use on damp surfaces

  • PURBOND DOES NOT leave a glue line like PVA glues or Epoxy

  • PURBOND application is to one surface only, coverage 200 - 250 ml per square metre

  • PURBOND is 100% waterproof, that withstands a 72 hour boiling water test, guaranteeing waterproof bonds.

  • PURBOND sets in 1 - 2 hours, fully cured in 24 hours

  • PURBOND is invisible in close-fitting glue lines

  • PURBOND contains no volatile or flammable ingredients

  • PURBOND sands easily and does not blunt cutting tools

  • PURBOND has a better bond if moisture is applied to surfaces being bonded

  • PURBOND will gap fill but has no strength where gaps are present

  • PURBOND can be applied directly from the bottle

PURBOND will stick to almost anything except poly plastics (although even this can be achieved if desperate, talk to us). It will successfully glue difficult surfaces such as:

  • Aluminium, Stainless steel and other metals

  • Rubber

  • Timber including oily and oxidising timbers such as Teak, Huon Pine, Jarrah & Eucalypts

  • Foam

  • Brick and Concrete

Purbond F20

Purbond F20 ( Green Label ) is a fast version of the standard Purbond.  It has an open time of about 5 minutes and needs to be kept clamped for 20 minutes.  Available in several sizes, please call us.  It otherwise has the same strength and waterproof qualities as the standard Purbond.

Purbond FX

Purbond FX ( Red Label ) is an ultra-fast version of standard Purbond.  It has an open time of about 30 seconds and needs to be kept clamped for 5 minutes. Too fast for most users, but just the thing in some production processes. It otherwise has the same strength and waterproof qualities as the standard Purbond.

There are other Polyurethane Glues in the marketplace, but PURBOND has the following advantages over them:

  • PURBOND has a chemical additive that achieves chemical as well as mechanical bond, to glue exotic materials that the others will not touch.

    • That is why it is always important to wipe the surfaces being glued with a cloth dampened with water.

    • Try gluing some aluminium or stainless steel together in a lap joint without wiping a damp cloth over the surface. The joint will easily pull apart.

  • PURBOND comes with a detailed Tips Sheet when purchased from us based on our practical experience.  Also, we are only a phone call away for product support.

  • PURBOND comes in sizes from 125ml to 200 litres. Therefore you only buy what you need and do not end up wasting product because it is too old and goes off.

  • If you are using polyurethane make sure you know the manufacture date. PURBOND has the date marked on each container.

    • Polyurethane glues have a shelf life as plastic is not waterproof and over 18 months to 2 years moisture will permeate through the container and the glue will then quickly go off.  Other brands do not have a manufacture date marked on each container.   We always have fresh PURBOND available.

Here are some examples of Purbond in action.

Laminated Catarmaran hull using Purbond
Laminated Catarmaran hull using Purbond.
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