Aquacote Topcoat

AQUACOTE is BoatCraft Pacific’s range of technically advanced water based high build epoxy polyurethane topcoats.  This highly durable coatings represent the newest technology available, offering leading edge protective coatings which set new standards in ease of use, environmental safety, and especially for protection of the health of applicators.

Aquacote  Topcoat


The topcoat is a Water based two pack polyurethane available in clear, white, black and 16 colours (other colours can be made up that part of our range with a mixing fee applied, provided you supply a colour swatch).  AQUACOTE is very tough and scratch resistant with very high UV resistance.  It takes approximately four days to fully cure and is so tough it can be buffed.   It is an advanced modern technology product designed and developed in Australia by Australians for Australian conditions. Therefore it is very different to apply to household enamels and solvent-based polyurethanes.

To make customers' experience with AQUACOTE easy and rewarding we have developed a comprehensive Tips Sheet which we provide with every kit of AQUACOTE we sell. If you read the factory directions and our Tips Sheet you cannot go wrong. Using Aquacote Topcoat is much safer and easy to use. Aquacote can be used directly on timber as a waterbased solution to varnish and estapol but like all varnish finishes its not a waterproof finish for external fishing you must use the Clear System which is three coats of Bote Cote Non-yellowing to seal the timber and then three coats of clear AQUACOTE for excellent UV resistance. Test pieces have been proven under test at Townsville on Test Panels which track the sun. The test panels had completed the equivalent of seven year's exposure with minimal loss of gloss in full sun which means the UV stabilisers are starting to die.

The photo below (left) shows our customers projects where AQUACOTE was used as part of the Clear System and in painting the hull.

The graphic below (right) shows a steel yacht hull which has been abrasive blasted, sealed with two coats of BOTE-COTE Epoxy Resin, then the hull faired with BOTE-COTE Epoxy Resin thickened with sanding filler then sanded.  AQUACOTE Epoxy Primer was then rolled onto the surface to protect it until the owner is ready to paint the hull with AQUACOTE Top Coat.

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