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  • TREDGRIP is a high build, water-based acrylic copolymer which has crosslinked non-abrasive crumbed rubber particles incorporated providing excellent non-skid properties.  It exceeds Australian Standards for Non-Slip Coatings and has high elasticity and very good tensile strength making it an ideal coating for boats.  It will not take the skin off feet and hands if a person trips, unlike non-skid paints containing solids.

  • TREDGRIP is hardwearing & decorative when renovating exterior areas on boats, around pools, factory/warehouse floors, decking stairways, steps and walkways.

Information Sheets:

More Information

  • TREDGRIP remains permanently flexible and will cover hairline cracks.

  • TREDGRIP can be applied indoors or outdoors to timber, plywood, GRP / Fibreglass, metal or concrete surfaces.

  • TREDGRIP is strong & tough and has excellent weathering stability.

  • TREDGRIP is the easily applied anti-slip coating by the DIY or professional.

  • TREDGRIP can be used in wet areas.

  • TREDGRIP is acid & solvent resistant.

  • TREDGRIP can be easily touched up to restore its original appearance.

  • TREDGRIP covers approximately 5-6 square metres per litre

  • TREDGRIP is available in 18 matt-finish colours and is suitable for interior and exterior areas (although the colours below do not show the textured feel of Tredgrip).

  • TREDGRIP is also available to be tinted to the colour of your choice in any of the Dulux exterior paints colours. There is a $10.00 mixing fee for non-standard colours

  • TREDGRIP can be painted directly onto cleaned surfaces or it can be applied over an undercoat. At least two coats are recommended.

  • TREDGRIP is manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

An Example of Tredgrip in action

A Customer project where they used Tredgrip to the damaged areas. The gallery shows the progress of the project.

Tredgrip is also membrane coating and has excellent flexibility. Minor substrate movement including hairline cracks are easily covered with Tredgrip, and because it is permanently flexible, it will allow substrate expansion and contraction without any damage to the coating.


Tredgrip will NOT adhere to ceramic, glazed or treated tiles, and should not be used for heavy-duty applications. It is a light to medium duty application mainly used for foot traffic, and will not stand up to heavy traffic (e.g- cars, and heavy machines), due to its flexibility.



Areas, where Tredgrip can be used, include tennis courts, public access ramps and steps, decks, patios, pool surrounds, boats, sporting facilities and disabled care facilities. In fact, Tredgrip non-slip coatings can be used almost anywhere a non-slip decorative surface is required.

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