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AQUACOTE is BoatCraft Pacific’s range of technically advanced water-based high-build epoxy undercoats.  This highly durable coating represents the newest technology available, offering leading-edge protective coatings which set new standards in ease of use, environmental safety, and especially for the protection of the health of applicators.

Aquacote  Undercoat


AQUACOTE Epoxy Undercoat
Water-based high build sandable epoxy primer is easy to apply by
brush, roller, or spraying.  We have found rolling it on to be the most
successful for the majority of jobs, as it does not self-level and tends to
leave brush marks if brushed.  If proficient with a spray gun and the
correct equipment is available, it sprays with good results.  Further
details can be obtained from the link to
the AQUACOTE Specifications & Procedures below.
The graphic below shows the panel on the right undercoated
with AQUACOTE Epoxy Primer and then sanded to 240 grit sandpaper then coated with three coats of White AQUACOTE applied by
Low Flock roller.  
This will now provide many years of service in full
sun without the worry of failure or re-coating unless the surface is
damaged.  The clear finish areas were finished the same way as
described for the tiller and seat above.  The flooring sheets were
also finished with Clear AQUACOTE and it provides an excellent
flooring finish although it has no Non-Skid capability.

Information Fact Sheets

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