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Davey and Co. Traditional Fittings

Davey and Company specialise in the production of traditional fittings using traditional materials.  Davey and Company offer genuine cast bronze, brass and galvanised fittings that do today's job, with a touch of History.

A detailed Catalogue of Davey and Co Traditional Yacht and Ship Fittings of 80 odd pages showing almost 1600 items including dimensions is available from DRIVE Marine Services. Within the covers of the Catalogue, you will find many items that have been in production throughout most of the last century and are still produced in the same way from the same patterns today.


  For further information or PDF's of individual pages contact us at DRIVE Marine Services.   We have stocks of Deck Prisms, Navigation Lights, shackles, Oakum and Jeffries Marine Glue.  For all other items we bring them in from the UK to meet your requirements.


 From the placement of your order it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to have the items delivered to you sometimes stocks are depleted at the factory and there can be a delay in getting them to you as all items are handmade and if they need casting and machining before despatch, there can be a delay of up to three months for lager items requiring considerate effort to manufacture.  This is the exception rather than the rule.  Therefore allow plenty of time for delivery.

The catalog is 80 pages full of detail with almost 1600 items listed. If you are undertaking a project, we recommend you download the pdf catalog below as it provides sizes to ensure you select the most suitable fitting and materials.




Call us to discuss and order or Click Here to go to the online store.

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