Fair Dinkum Fibreglass Repair Kit


The Fair Dinkum Fibreglass Repair Kit gets its name from being the real deal. most other Fibreglass Repair kits are based on Polyester Resin & Chopped Strand Mat. The reason being they are both cheap and misconceived as;

  • They are used for making Fibreglass doo-ickies such as boats, Bird baths and a multitude of oddball shapes in mass production

  • Polyester resin is a poor adhesive and does not stick well to cured surfaces plus it shrinks slightly  as it cures

  • when there is shock loading or high tension it easily de-laminates as it is always under tension. Check out the Fibreglass Repair Explained

epoxy resin is the ultimate adhesive and should always be used when doing Fibreglass repairs or making composite boats and other structures. It sticks tenaciously to all surfaces except poly plastics when prepared correctly by cleaning off wax and grease following with a course sanding with 80grit. whether it be stainless steel, aluminium, jarrah, river red gum and oily timbers such as Huon pine.

The kit comes complete with great instructions, 150ml Bote-Cote Epoxy Resin kit, 1mtr x 100mm woven fibreglass tape, Peeply, 25mm epoxy brush, mixing cup, stirring stick plus a pair of gloves all in a resealable plastic bucket.