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Luci Clear 

Australian-made LuciClear Casting Resin, Art Resin, Coating Resin and Clear EPOX-E-Glue have been developed and formulated with the aim of being the best water clear and Safest to use Epoxies for people working with wood and other mediums. These premium products with detailed instructions ensure bubble free pours. For deep pours using casting resins, there are special instructions to ensure a great finish is achieved. The Luci Clear Product range is ideal for river tables and embedding badges, coins, shells, gems and much more. Where people hate the smell and odours of old technology Epoxies, Luci Clear Products provided a much safer and smell free environment. 

The Types of LuciClear Resins

LuciClear Casting Logo
LuciClear Coating Resin
LuciClear Epoxy Art Resin

LuciClear Epoxy-E-Glue

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More Information

Information Sheets

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Technical data Sheet

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