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LuciClear Coating Resin

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Australian-made LuciClear Coating Resin is a self-leveling ultra-clear extremely high gloss coating which finishes about 1mm Thick. It is hard, durable, and resistant to all common stains. Most Frequently used on Coffee tables, large tables, trophies, jewelry boxes, and other beautiful wooden objects where you want to show off the timber character. It is also highly suitable for coating masonry. 

LuciClear Coating Resin has been developed by Queensland manufacturers Boatcraft Pacific who offer a large range of adhesives, finishes, and supplies.LuciClear Coating Resin is supplied with detailed instructions that make it hard not to achieve magnificent results. Luci Clear Coating Resin comes into its own where people hate the smell and odours of old technology Epoxies, it provides a much safer and smell free environment. Luci Clear coating resin is ideal for people working with wood along with many other industries such as Art and Craft Coatings.  

LuciClear Coating Resin comes in a wide range of sizes to suit both small jewellery and art users as well as large projects such as river tables.

Example of LuciClear Coating
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