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Luciclear Clear Gel Epoxy Glue is a two (2) part highly thixotropic gel adhesive.  Each component appears as a completely clear solid paste, but as soon as it is disturbed, e.g. by stirring or pouring, it liquefies to a viscous liquid which enables easy and complete mixing of the resin and hardener.  After it is disturbed, the liquid product reverts to a near-solid gel over a period of 10-15 minutes.  This thixotropic behaviour enables the glue to be spread easily, to flow into cracks and flaws in the work to seal and bond them, and finally to be shaped to a neat surface e.g., in making fillets or filling cracks.

This Amazing product is unique in the Australian market. This is achieved by using cutting-edge German technology which enables Boatcraft Pacific to provide its customers with premium graded adhesives.

Gluing endgrain oregon using Luci Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue
Lap gluing oregon using Luci Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue
Fillet Joint of oregon using Luci Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue

Australian-made LuciClear Gel Epox-E-Glue Resin was a breakthrough!!

The First-ever clear but effective Gel wood glue and you can see right through it to the wood as shown in the photos.

Here's a summary of the Benefits of LuciClear Gel Epox-E-Glue Resin.

  • Invisible joints

  • Bridges gaps

  • Quick hold

  • Does not shrink on curing

  • Fillet joins

  • Matches and blends with other Luci-Clear products.

LuciClear Gel Clear Epox-E-Glue Product desplay

Information Sheet

LuciClear Clear Epox-E-Glue Data & instruction  sheet

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