What to expect from Marine Plywood

Marine plywood is purpose built structural plywood with a permanent Type A bond glue, and come under the standard of AS 2272 or BS 1088. It is intended for use in marine or high moisture environments. Each face veneer should be a minimum of 1.0mm and not thicker than 3.8mm, each core veneer shall be no thicker than 4.8mm. 
Marine plywood is made from selected species and therefore has known and consistent structural properties. AS2272 assigned stress grade is F14 and is manufactured with 2A grade veneer faces, these must present a solid surface that is free from open defects and free of knots other than pin knots, which will readily provide a surface that will accommodate a clear or painted finish. 







All timber products may be subject to decay and termite attack under certain conditions, which is why all plywood must be treated with 3 coats of epoxy on every surface for a waterproof finish. 
Defective bonds, pleats, overlaps, and gaps in faces should not be present. Occasional gaps may be repaired using veneer inserts bonded with the proper adhesive. Further information is available on our website ask us for the article from AABB titled “Plywood Idiosyncrasies



Hoop pine Timber

Hoop pine ply is made from Australian plantation grown hoop pine. It is by far the best plywood manufactured in Australia today. The veneers are of an even thickness and the marine plywood is made to AS 2272 which is a more stringent standard than BS 1088 but like all good things you pay a premium for it.  The B-B hoop exterior plywood is manufactured to AS 2271 and is superior to many of the imported marine plywoods to BS 108

More on Australian Native pine

An Australian native pine found in the drier parts of the rain forests of Queensland and northern NSW. The trees grow to 60 metres tall and can live for 450 years. The trees grow slowly and usually very straight as seen in the photos below. Hoop pine is also known as Dorrigo pine, Richmond River pine, Colonial Pine, Queensland Pine, Moreton Bay Pine, Alloa, Ningwik, Pien, and Arakaria. 


From an ethical, sustainable point of view, Hoop pine is streets ahead of most of its plantation-grown exotic softwood counterparts. Boatcraft only stock #1 Clear grade dressed all round Hoop Pine. This is the finest most effect-free grade available.

Hoop Pine.PNG
214 Dash Fitout.jpg
212 Rear Carlings and Panel.jpg

Hoop Pine timber used for frames and stringers

218 First Deck Panelling .jpg

Hoop Pine Plywood on deck

Comparison of Qualitative and Technical Aspects of Douglas Fir and Hoop Pine.

Hoop Pine Information

Pink Marine Plywood

 This plywood used to be called Pacific Maple Marine Ply. That is another name for Meranti or the scientific name is Shorea sp. There are about 24 species within the Shorea genus which are called Meranti. Only some of those are red or pink in colour. It is a tropical hardwood and is considered to be "moderately durable, fairly short grained of moderate density and often has a very attractive colour and grain. Pacific Maple is also known as Philippines Mahogany, Luan and Luaun. This varies according to which subspecies of Shorea was used for the veneers in the marine plywood. It is the best of the economical Asian ply and meets BS1088. 


Mourikis Gaboon Marine Plywood is a high quality plywood produced with 100% veneers of Okoume, timber species. This plywood is light weight and is available in sizes from 1.5 mm to 25 mm at sheet dimensions of 2500 mm x 1220 mm. It is excellent for kayaks and other applications where minimum weight or superior appearance is required. It is specially manufactured to provide durability, longevity, and to meet BS 1088-1:2003 and EN 13986 requirements. Its physical characteristics are very stable and can withstand exposure to severe weather conditions for prolonged periods of time. It is type approved by Lloyd's register, as meeting BS1088. 

 Sapelli (Mahogany)

Sapelli Marine is a high quality plywood produced with Gaboon core and outer veneers of tropical hardwood Sapelli, specially manufactured to provide durability and longevity. Its physical characteristics are very stable and can withstand exposure to severe weather conditions for prolonged periods of time. It is suitable for both external and interior use, and meets BS 10881:2003 and EN 13986 requirements Type approved by Lloyds Register. This plywood exhibits those beautiful mahogany grain red and brown colours. Available is rotary and crosscut with the grain appearance quite different. 

Bendy Ply

Bendy Ply is a super-flexible plywood that provides a cost effective, convenient solution  for producing rounded structures especially when small radii are required. Available in: • 1.5 mm Hoop Exterior Pine AS2271 • 1.5 mm Mourikis Gaboon Marine Ply BS1088 • 5 & 8mm Bendy Ply – the finish on these is bland and open grain. If clear finishing they need a veneer applied 

Specialty Veneers

We are able to supply special veneered plywoods, with teak, mahogany (sapelli), birch and many others on one side. Many veneers are available on 4 & 6mm Mourikis Gaboon plywood at a reasonable price. Plan well in advance as it comes from Greece if not in stock. It can take up to three months to arrive.

Teak and Ash

Teak and ash exterior decking plywood panels are available in 2500mm x 1220mm , using 60mm teak and 6mm ash wide planks. This is manufactured with gaboon plywood backing. The outer face veneer is 1-2mm thick, glued with an A-Bond glue. 

Birch Craft Ply

Is a premium grade plywood in thicknesses from 0.4 mm to 6 mm in 1220 mm x 1220 mm sheets. It is mainly used in model making and architectural modelling and furniture.